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Brass sash chain fails ... Centurion sash chain succeeds

June, 2017

Model CSB34 Casement Stay from Phelps Company

We recently received a call from a custom wood window manufacturer in New York regarding a very large landmark project in NYC. Their prototype double hung weight and pulley window was being tested for compliance to AAMA standards and one important aspect was the life cycle testing. The sash weighed approximately 90 pounds and they were required to operate through 2500 up and down cycles to simulate actual use.

The #45 brass sash chain they were using had failed after 1200 cycles. The chain had deformed and exhibited excessive wear before it broke at the point where it passed over the sash pulley. The manufacturer contacted us and we shipped them 100’ of Centurion #45C sash chain via overnight air.

We later heard back that the same window, with Centurion chain installed, passed the test with flying colors. We weren’t surprised. That’s what it was designed for.

Brass and bronze chain is made of a relatively soft metal. The weight rating is meaningless once the chain has worn or been deformed by repetitive use or shock load. Centurion sash chain is made of a high strength corrosion resistant alloy with a weight rating twice that of brass or bronze sash chain. The harder alloy means that the links will not wear under load like brass or bronze sash chain.

Sash chain breakage is a serious and expensive problem, whether it’s a residential size window or a huge landmark double hung. Centurion sash chain out performs brass and bronze sash chain. It’s the "Strongest sash chain in history".

Something new that's actually old, is the "push-out" casement window...

March, 2013

Model CSB34 Casement Stay from Phelps Company
Model CSB34 Casement Stay
The New Multipoint Compatible Model CF2MP
Model CF2MP Multipoint
Compatible Handle
Model CSB34 Casement Stay from Phelps Company
Model CF222 Handle

If you look carefully through some of the new window styles being offered by major window manufacturers (as well as high end custom wood window manufacturers), you may see "push-out" casement windows. In simple terms, this means no crank. No crank to turn, no crank to bind, no cheap aluminum hardware to break or malfunction. The interior screen is hinged or rolls up, and the window sash hinges at the side and swings out. This design requires a device to hold the window open, (casement stay) , and a locking handle or casement fastener.

Many manufacturers of high end push out casement windows are using hardware from Phelps Company. Our most popular casement stay is the Model CSB34. This stay allows you to open or close a hinged window sash, and then hold it open or closed using the simple thumb turn. The window handle most of our customers use is the Model CF222 or our new multipoint compatible Model CF2MP.

We design our hardware to be simple, yet elegant. That means that it looks just as good in a contemporary setting as it does in a period restoration. The new push-out casement windows are another example of a design that can go either way. The design lends itself to energy efficient weatherstripping and glazing, and the simple hardware function is timeless design at its best.

Read more about push out casement hardware.

If you’ve downloaded our catalog before, you may not have the latest version. To be certain, delete what you have now, and download again. That way you can be sure that what you have includes all of our hardware, and up to date information.

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We'd like to let our customers know about a few new pieces of window hardware that Phelps Company is manufacturing

February, 2013

Model LK281 Sash Lock
Model LK281 Sash Lock
Model LK381 Sash Lock
Model LK381 Sash Lock

The first is a new sash lock, actually two new sash locks. A few years back, we got the idea for a different type of lock, one that would have a unique and elegant design, and would also be a high performance lock. We started by looking at old patterns, and took the best features of each design. In this instance, we wanted a sweep type lock, but one that would actively pull the sashes together. That requires some careful geometry.

Our next idea grew out of customer feedback. Almost all conventional sash locks push the upper sash up, and the lower sash down when they are put into the locking position. We wanted a design that would vertically align the upper and lower checkrails. The lock had to pivot smoothly, but withstand impact loads without failing. It had to pull the sash together, as well as align them vertically. And it had to be beautiful...

The result is our Model LK381 and Model LK281 sash locks. Their unique design for aligning the sash is patented. The heavy duty pivot is splined to the lever, and uses a stainless steel threaded tightener that’s permanently adjusted to give just the right amount of friction. And like all of our hardware, they are solid, hot-forged brass, precision machined and hand polished for a lifetime of elegant use.

If you’ve downloaded our catalog before, you may not have the latest version. To be certain, delete what you have now, and download again. That way you can be sure that what you have includes all of our hardware, and up to date information.

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Phelps Company Relocates to New Hampshire

January, 2013

In January of 2013, we moved our offices and warehouse to a brand new facility. With improved storage, material handling, and communications capabilities, we will be able to continue the same level of service as our company expands. Please take note of our new address:

759 Brattleboro Rd.
Hinsdale, NH 03451
Tel. 603-336-6213
Fax 603-336-6085

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