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Casement Stays

Model CSB34 Slide Bar Adjuster Casement Stay

(Out-swing shown; brackets invert for in-swing)

The Model CSB34 is a 12-1/2" solid polished brass slide-bar type adjuster for wood in-swing or out-swing windows. Based on a traditional pattern, this beautifully made casement adjuster is designed so as not to interfere with hinged or rolling interior screens whether in the open or closed position. For universal (left or right hand) operation.

Overall length: 12-1/2" Overall height: 2-3/8" Overall depth: 1-3/8"

Custom Finishes In Stock

Model CTF50 Telescopic Friction Casement Stay

The Model CTF50 telescopic friction casement stay is a highly finished version of a pattern common to early 20th century casement windows. It is appropriate for small to medium sized out-swinging sash not subject to wind loads. The degree of friction may be fine tuned by means of the large brass nut at the barrel end. The CTF50 is offered in solid brass, with a hand polished and lacquered finish.

Overall length: 10-1/2" minimum 16" maximum Overall height: 1 1/4" Overall depth: 1 1/8"

Custom Finishes In Stock

Model CRA45 Sliding Rod Casement Adjuster

The Model CRA45 sliding rod casement adjuster is a highly finished version of a traditional American pattern. It is designed for use on out-swing hinged windows. The CRA45 is hot-forged and precision machined from solid brass and hand polished.

Overall length: 13-1/2" Base dimensions: 15/16" x 2-3/8" Overall height: 2"

Custom Finishes In Stock

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